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What is Fight the Bully?

Dr. Julie refers to negative thoughts and emotions as bullies. Why? Because bullies seek to harm and intimidate those whom they perceive as weak and vulnerable. After years of research and a published dissertation, she coined the phrase and has helped hundreds of clients gain a new perspective and develop growth mindsets.

Fight The Bully was created for people striving to inspire and get inspired in a world bombarded with negativity.

FTB is your refuge from the pressures of everyday life. Come into the chat room daily for a healthy dosage of motivation. FTB is a safe place where you can be seen and heard. One of the fastest ways to conquer programmed negative thoughts and emotions is to engage in positivity until it becomes a habit.  

Why Join?


Join because you deserve daily inspiration and elevation to unleash the best version of yourself. 

Get inspired in a supportive community. Connect, learn, and grow as you support one another on your mental fitness journeys.

Elevate your performance in all areas of life. A strong and resilient mind is the key to success. Focusing on your mental health will help you to crush negative thoughts that bully you. Isn't it time? Are you sick and tired of being emotionally drained and not getting the outcomes you desire? Sharpen your focus, boost your productivity, and enhance your overall performance—whether at work, in relationships, or in pursuing your passions.

Unleash your power and true potential. FTB is here to help you break chains of past trauma and cultural, generational, or societal norms that have held you back from being authentically you. Discover a new level of mental strength, clarity, and fulfillment as you embrace the FTB lifestyle.

 No cost, No risk. Unlock your mind's full potential. FTB is a sanctuary for positivity and productivity. At FTB, you will strengthen your mind and elevate your emotional intelligence (EQ).

Start your journey now.

What’s there to lose?

Worst-case scenario, you read or see positivity that will enlighten your day or make you smile:)

Join the Movement

“Fight the Bully helps me stay focused and inspired."
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